Cryptocurrencies have enabled monetization of ideas paving way for technological revolutions that could not have been imagined a few years back. Halfin Research envisions to catalyze decentralization in its true essence by its research that inspires ideas, products, and businesses, Creating value, driving results, building actions. By doing so, Halfin Research will offer a middle ground between the traditional structures of centralization and the emerging ideas of a decentralized economy.

“We believe that with this borderless and friction-free technology, the world will witness a seamless integration of technologies, businesses, ideas, and dreams.”

- Team, Halfin Research.

Our Products


This is the one-stop platform for all your crypto needs. Whether you want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies or invest in bundles or follow optimized crypto indices or simply explore one of the most secure crypto wallets- Griffex lets you do it all in just a few simple steps. It is where traders, newbies, institutional investors, and hedge funds can leverage crypto all alike with minimum risk and maximum efficiency.



Staken helps you to realize the potential of staking as the future of crypto assets, while you multiply your holdings using the power of the almighty compounding. Your trust in the project will pay off in the form of rewards. These rewards are your crypto dividends and don't forget the immense potential of capital appreciation which comes from our meticulous asset research.


Research Ethics

Objective oriented

Research without an objective often lacks purpose and utility. That’s why every research that we conduct is based on a carefully curated objective.

Data driven

While theory can give you a premise, it’s always the numbers that breathe life into the hypothesis. We understand that, which is why we let numbers drive research.

Bias Free

All experimental designs, research parameters, and statistical models are formulated void of prejudices and strictly based on unbiased practices.

Methodical Openness

While we follow methods and best practices, we also respect the importance of flexibility and new ideas to drive conclusions and outcomes.